JOJO JAVA White Chocolate Mocha Coffee Pods

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What Makes our White Chocolate Mocha Great

  • Rich
  • Dark roast
  • Low acidity

What if you could have a sweet treat that tastes like Christmas in a cup?  JOJO JAVA’s White Chocolate Mocha Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods can give you just that. Made with a specifically picked espresso blend our White chocolate Mocha is sweetened with white chocolate and creamy steamed milk flavor. To add a touch of boldness, a dash of mocha flavoring was blended in, making a splendid cup of joe. 

Each cup of our White Chocolate Mocha brings forth a delicious aroma of decadence with each single brew. Made from the freshest hand-picked bundle of Robusta beans, these beans help achieve a heavy body and low acidic taste, giving the White Chocolate Mocha flavor a smooth texture. To help elevate the mocha flavor, the Robusta bean’s natural hint of chocolate is brought out within each roast. 

Organically sourced, our Robusta coffee beans are roasted to dark perfection by coffee lovers for coffee lovers. We source our coffee beans from a unique bundle, packaged in our tightly sealed K cup pods. Each JOJO JAVA Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods are easily recyclable, making them a great sustainable choice. Our K cup coffee pods for our White Chocolate Mocha flavor are stuffed with the freshest ground coffee beans, long roasted for a smooth, low acidic taste.

Customers Suggest: adding a touch of French Vanilla creamer to this blend not only enhances the flavor, but also, satisfies a sweet tooth!