JOJO JAVA Peanut Butter Cookie Coffee Pods

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What Makes our Peanut Butter Cookie Great

  • Mildly nutty
  • Hint of caramel
  • Low acidic

 When brewing a cup of our Peanut Butter Cookie JOJO JAVA Instant Pod Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods it smells as if Grandma just pulled her famous peanut butter cookies out of the oven. So warm, so nutty. JOJO JAVA’s Peanut Butter Cookie K cup coffee pod flavor will take you back in time to a place where nothing but love was around you. Every sip of our Peanut Butter Cookie will fill your mouth with a mild nutty flavor along with a hint of caramel. 

Roasted to medium, the beans for our Peanut Butter Cookie come from the Robusta coffee plant, originating from Africa. The Robusta bean gives a great start to this nutty flavor, enhancing the earthiness of the peanut butter flavor. Before being roasted, Robusta beans give off a raw peanut smell, adding another idea for the Peanut Butter Cookie K cup flavor. 

Naturally sourced, our coffees beans are then dry roasted in small batches to achieve a medium roast. These beans are then grounded and packaged in our tightly sealed K cup pods. Each JOJO JAVA Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods is easily recyclable, making them a great sustainable choice. Our single serve K cup pods for each Peanut Butter Cookie flavor are stuffed with the freshest ground coffee beans, roasted not too heavily for a semi-sweet, nutty taste.

Customers Suggest: adding a touch of French Vanilla creamer to this blend not only enhances the flavor, but also, satisfies a sweet tooth!