Jamaican Blue Heeler | Arabica Roast Ground Coffee

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A Steamy & Perfectly Balanced Jamaica Blue Mountain Inspired Coffee


This unique blend features the natural tones of exotic coffee beans, made to replicate the flavor profile of Jamaican Blue Mountain blends. This blend creates a steamy & rich coffee experience, and coffe connoisseurs will appreciate the perfectly balanced profile, as it delivers a warm & delightful coffee experience.

Flavor Profile:

Each sip will delight you with natural tones of exotic coffee beans, creating a harmonious and unique coffee experience. An excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who love the delicate warmth of Jamaica blue coffee.


The inviting aroma of our Jamaican Blue Heeler Flavored Ground Coffee will tantalize your senses and warm your heart with each cup. Our high-quality coffee beans are roasted to perfection to create a steamy & irresistible aroma bursting with exotic flavors.


Whether you prefer your coffee black, or with sugar, creamer, or in another coffee creation, JOJO Jamaican Blue Heeler's natural tones blend well, and are an excellent choice for any coffee enthusiast looking for a unique and flavorful coffee experience.

Quality and Freshness:

At JOJO Java, we are committed to using only the finest quality coffee beans to carefully craft our flavored coffee blends. Our Jamaican Blue Heeler Blend delivers the same promise. We ensure that our coffee is freshly roasted and packed to maintain optimal flavor and freshness in each cup.

Order yours today and enjoy a steamy & delightful Jamaican Blue Mountain Flavored Coffee experience!