Frenchie Vanilla | Arabica Roast Ground Coffee

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Delightfully Sweet French Vanilla Coffee


Indulge in the heavenly flavor of JOJO Java's Frenchie Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee. This irresistibly smooth and rich French roasted coffee is infused with the soothing sweetness of vanilla, creating a truly delightful coffee experience.


The moment you open the bag, the captivating aroma of our Frenchie Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee will transport you & your furry friend(s) to a Parisian café. Savor the enticing scent that fills the room, tantalizing your senses and preparing you for a truly satisfying cup of coffee.

Flavor Profile:

Our Frenchie Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee combines the boldness of French roast ground coffee with the lusciousness of vanilla. With each sip, you'll encounter a delectable balance between the deep, roasted flavors and the smooth, velvety notes of vanilla. The warmth and sweetness of this coffee make it the perfect indulgence for any time of the day.


Whether you prefer it black, with a dash of milk, or as the base for your favorite specialty coffee, JOJO Java's Frenchie Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee will always deliver a remarkable taste. Elevate your morning ritual or add a touch of elegance to your afternoon break with this exceptional French vanilla coffee.

Quality and Freshness:

We take great pride in selecting only the finest, ethically-sourced coffee beans for our Flavored Ground Coffees. Every batch is carefully roasted to perfection, ensuring optimal flavor and freshness in every cup. Experience the JOJO Java difference and discover why coffee lovers rave about our Frenchie Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee.

Don't settle for ordinary coffee when you can savor the extraordinary. Treat yourself to JOJO Java's Frenchie Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee and experience the blissful combination of French roast and vanilla in every sip.

Order yours today and enjoy the indulgent pleasure of French vanilla coffee!