Good Boy Maple Bourbon - Arabica Roast Ground Coffee

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Indulge In The Blend of Sweet Maple and Rich Bourbon


Start your day off right with JOJO Java's Good Boy Maple Bourbon Flavored Ground Coffee. This delightful blend combines the sweetness of maple syrup with a subtle hint of Bourbon. It's the perfect kick start to your day, and with its charming dog-themed packaging, it's a must-have for coffee-loving dog enthusiasts.


As you open the bag, the captivating aroma of sweet syrup & good bourbon invites you into a world of aromatic delight. The enticing scent of maple syrup and the faint note of Bourbon will awaken your senses and prepare you for an immensely flavorful cup of coffee.

Flavor Profile:

Good Boy Maple Bourbon Flavored Ground Coffee perfectly balances the sweet, rich flavors of maple syrup with the decadent undertones of Bourbon. Each sip delivers a harmonious fusion of sweetness and complexity, making this coffee a true pleasure to savor.

The smooth texture combined with the enticing maple and Bourbon notes will leave you longing for another cup!


Whether you prefer it black, with a splash of milk, or as the base for your favorite gourmet creation, JOJO Java's Good Boy Maple Bourbon Flavored Ground Coffee is guaranteed to satisfy your 'special coffee' cravings.

Elevate your morning ritual or enjoy a well-deserved afternoon break with this exceptional flavored coffee. It also makes a unique and thoughtful gift for dog-loving coffee enthusiasts!

Quality and Freshness:

At JOJO Java, we are committed to using only the finest quality coffee beans in our flavored blends. Our Good Boy Maple Bourbon Flavored Ground Coffee goes through a meticulous roasting process to ensure maximum flavor and freshness in every cup. Experience the JOJO Java difference and discover why coffee lovers rave about our flavored coffees.

Don't settle for an ordinary cup of coffee when you can enjoy the extraordinary. Treat yourself to JOJO Java's Good Boy Maple Bourbon, and experience the delightful fusion of maple syrup and Bourbon in every sip.

Order yours today and enjoy the indulgent pleasure of Good Boy Maple Bourbon coffee with a touch of canine charm!