JOJO JAVA Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Pods

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What Makes our Jamaican Blue Mountain Great

  • Hint of sweetness
  • Smooth
  • Mild taste

 Wet processed and washed, our Jamaican Blue Mountain Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods offers a hint of sweetness with it’s fruity, acidic notes along with a touch of chocolate. Just imagine someone dipping their chocolate covered orange into your cup of freshly brewed coffee. That’s what our Jamaican Blue Mountain tastes like. 

If you like a bit of extra acidity in your coffee every morning then Jamaican Blue Mountain is just for you. 

Grown in, you guessed it, the Blue Mountains in the district of Jamaica, our Arabica coffee beans are wet processed and washed. Instead of drying these beans in their cherries like most coffee beans are, wet processing and washing tones down the flavors of the bean. By wet processing and washing our beans it removed the sweet mucilage, letting more of the bean flavor come forth. This process helps give our beans for our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee a clearer taste, a higher mouthfeel, and more vibrant notes. You can taste the freshness of each bean in every JOJO JAVA K cup. 

Naturally sourced, our coffees beans are then dry roasted in small batches to achieve a medium roast. We source our coffee beans from a unique bundle of Arabica coffee beans, packaged in our tightly sealed K cup pods. Each JOJO JAVA Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods are easily recyclable, making them a great sustainable choice. Our K cup pods for each flavor are stuffed with the freshest ground coffee beans, roasted not too heavily for a semi-sweet, high acidic taste.

JOJO JAVA does their best when it comes to picking the best coffee beans for our K cup flavors. When you chose Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee you are choosing a vibrant coffee with a medium amount of caffeine. In each JOJO JAVA Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods is a multi-layer of flavors from fruity to chocolatey, making each sip a wild ride. This coffee is great for drinkers who enjoy their morning or afternoon cup black, providing the cup with smoothness and sweetness already. Produced and packaged in Michigan, we at JOJO JAVA wanted to give locals affordable and cheap K cups, but still keep that great, coffee shop taste. At just $9.99 for a box of 12 K cups AND shipped right to your door ordering from JOJO JAVA just makes buying coffee that much easier. When you buy a pack of one of our best K cup flavors you are saving a trip to the store. You can even subscribe and save 15% on your total purchase. The same goes for if you bundle! The more you buy, the more you save.
JOJO Java’s Keurig coffee flavors hold unique coffee aromas and tastes from Light Roasted Artisan to French Roast, but the Jamaican Blue Mountain is the JOJO JAVA K cup you will want to have to remind you of the warmer months. Each K cup flavor has its own unique pallet, and the Jamaican Blue Mountain isn’t an exception. Clear, colorful, and clean, the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is the perfect pick to spruce up your senses. With its traditional wet/washing process our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee choice is great for any K cup product, bringing out the natural flavors of the Arabica coffee beans. Each sip of our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee gives a fresh aroma of orange-like notes, coming in smooth to give you a high mouthfeel.
Some of the best k cup coffee comes in small packages. JOJO JAVA’s instant pod K cup coffee fit perfectly in any Keurig. They are ideal for a single cup of coffee, perfect for someone who doesn’t need to brew a whole pot of coffee each and every day. Our JOJO JAVA K cup coffee are easy to clean up, too. Instead of throwing the cups in the trash you can slit the top of the seal, dump out the grounds, and pop the K cup into the recycling bin. It’s that easy! JOJO JAVA has some of the best flavored k cup coffee instant pod money can buy. We even give you an added bonus by sending it right to your door! Subscribe today and we will regularly send you a box of your choice of JOJO JAVA K cup coffee. Whether you need one or five boxes, once a week or monthly, we’ll make sure your coffee comes to you.

Customer Reviews

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Percentage of Jamaican Blue Mtn Coffee??

Just wondering what percent of your Jamaican blue mtn coffee is actually Jamaican Blue mtn coffee? This seems like a
really low price for true Jamaican coffee..

Kathleen Cowart

I tried your coffee on my carnival cruise. It was the best coffee I ever had. But the coffee I ordered was too weak so I did not like it. Let me know if there is another kind you think I would enjoy. Kathleen cowart

Patrick Sipes
Great job

Great coffee and great service thank u

Laura A. Chichester

I love this coffee. The peanut butter is my all time favorite!! White chocolate mocha rocks as well. I recently tried Jamaican Java and it is on par with other gourmet (generally expensive coffee). I am a repeat customer, and look forward to when these products go on sale!! Great customer service, personal. Highly recommend.

Roxanne Betke
Delicious Coffee

What a fabulous coffee! The blend is balanced and bold! We love it!!