JOJO JAVA Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Pods

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What Makes our Jamaican Blue Mountain Great

  • Hint of sweetness
  • Smooth
  • Mild taste

 Wet processed and washed, our Jamaican Blue Mountain Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods offers a hint of sweetness with it’s fruity, acidic notes along with a touch of chocolate. Just imagine someone dipping their chocolate covered orange into your cup of freshly brewed coffee. That’s what our Jamaican Blue Mountain tastes like. 

If you like a bit of extra acidity in your coffee every morning then Jamaican Blue Mountain is just for you. 

Grown in, you guessed it, the Blue Mountains in the district of Jamaica, our Arabica coffee beans are wet processed and washed. Instead of drying these beans in their cherries like most coffee beans are, wet processing and washing tones down the flavors of the bean. By wet processing and washing our beans it removed the sweet mucilage, letting more of the bean flavor come forth. This process helps give our beans for our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee a clearer taste, a higher mouthfeel, and more vibrant notes. You can taste the freshness of each bean in every JOJO JAVA K cup. 

Naturally sourced, our coffees beans are then dry roasted in small batches to achieve a medium roast. We source our coffee beans from a unique bundle of Arabica coffee beans, packaged in our tightly sealed K cup pods. Each JOJO JAVA Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods are easily recyclable, making them a great sustainable choice. Our K cup pods for each flavor are stuffed with the freshest ground coffee beans, roasted not too heavily for a semi-sweet, high acidic taste.