JOJO JAVA French Roast Coffee Pods

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What Makes Our French Roast Great

  • Sweet smokiness
  • Intensely Bold
  • Low acidic

When you think of a good French Roast you want that smoky sweetness like a good espresso. JOJO JAVA’s French Roast k cup coffee instant pod envelops that Parisian café feel with its dark roasted coffee beans and bold, sweet taste.

Made with a mixture of Robusta and Arabica beans, our coffee beans for our French Roast K cup coffee pods are grown in high altitudes of 3,500 to 6,000 feet. Grown in Indonesia as well as South and Central America our mixture of coffee beans for our K cup coffee pods are nothing but the best quality. In comparison to our other K cup coffee flavors, French Roast is the only JOJO JAVA coffee that uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. 

Compared to light roasts, the French roast can be less acidic and roasted in flavor. Like dark roasts, our French roast overpowers the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans, making it impossible to tell the difference of two individual kinds. When roasting our French Roast Instant Pod 12x K Cup Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods we make sure it is roasted until it achieves a dark brown and shimmers with oil, indicating a true French Roast. 

If you’re looking to dip your toes into some caffeine without keeping you up all night then our French Roast coffee is for you. Despite popular belief, having a darker roasted coffee does not mean it has more caffeine. The longer you roast a coffee bean, the more caffeine molecules are burned off. With a French Roast coffee you receive a smaller amount of caffeine compared to a lighter roast coffee, giving just enough of a caffeine boost without the jitters. Not only is our French Roast delectable, but it’s affordable too. Here at JOJO JAVA we wanted to send out cheap K cups, but still encapsulate a high quality coffee bean. Produced and packed in Michigan, we wanted to give locals coffee a homemade coffee without stepping further than their front door. At JOJO JAVA we can send you as many 12 packs of our best k cup instant pod flavors for $9.99 a box right to your home or business. To save even more time and money you can even subscribe to get the best flavored K cup coffee instant pod sent to you regularly. By signing up with JOJO JAVA you can save 15% on your total purchase. The same goes for if you bundle!
JOJO JAVA’s Keurig coffee flavors hold unique coffee aromas and tastes from Jamaican Blue Mountain to Peanut Butter Cookie, but the French Roast coffee is the JOJO JAVA K cup Single Serve Coffee Pods you will want to have during special occasions. Each K cup coffee instant pod flavor has its own unique pallet and the French Roast isn’t an exception. Dark, deep, and decadent, our French Roast is the perfect coffee to let you take a load off and relax for a while. With its long roasting process our French Roast choice is great for any K cup coffee, bringing out the natural flavors of the Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Each sip of French Roast coffee will give you a wonderful mouthfeel of sweet-smoky flavors.
Some of the best k cup coffee comes in small packages. JOJO JAVA’s instant pod K cup coffee fit perfectly in any Keurig. They are ideal for a single cup of coffee, perfect for someone who doesn’t need to brew a whole pot of coffee each and every day. Our JOJO JAVA K cup coffee are easy to clean up, too. Instead of throwing the cups in the trash you can slit the top of the seal, dump out the grounds, and pop the K cup into the recycling bin. It’s that easy! JOJO JAVA has some of the best flavored k cup coffee instant pod money can buy. We even give you an added bonus by sending it right to your door! Subscribe today and we will regularly send you a box of your choice of JOJO JAVA K cup coffee. Whether you need one or five boxes, once a week or monthly, we’ll make sure your coffee comes to you.

Customer Reviews

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Jolynn Weinfurtner

Not the fresh coffee taste I had hoped for

Richard Crigger
Great coffee

Great flavor

Donald Fraser
Great Taste AND Great Value

My recent order of JOJO JAVA French Roast totally met my expectations! What a great start to the day.