Unexpected Coffee Mashups

Listen friends, there’s a reason that coffee with cream is traditionally the most universally popular and loved way to drink coffee. 

But we want to take things further today and push the boundaries of coffee flavordom. In this article, we’re going to explore some unexpected coffee mashups– and if you read until the end you’ll see a coffee trio you never expected (but didn’t know you wanted). 

Unexpected Coffee Flavor Combinations

Each of these unexpected coffee mashups is designed to add a whole new flavor profile all by itself. However, if you want to truly elevate your coffee, choose two or even three of these new ideas and make a mashup that’s all your own. 

We’re going to warn you– there’s a mix of healthy, sort of health, and absolutely unhealthy options all mixed into one list, so your mileage may vary. 

Mashup #1: Coffee Meets Citrus

Yes, you read that right. Our first unexpected coffee mashup is the bright and distinct flavor of citrus. By taking a fresh lemon or lime and adding it to your cup of coffee it can brighten up the bitterness, and even accentuate or create entirely new flavor notes. If you’re feeling especially brave you can even zest a lemon, lime, or orange citrus peel in your next cup of java.

Mashup #2: Coffee Meets Ice Cream

Did we just jump straight to dessert? Yeah, so sue us. But truly, it’s all about balance here– a little ice cream goes a long way when you drop it into a cup of piping hot coffee. There’s actually a drink called an affogato that’s a vanilla ice cream scoop that has an espresso shot poured over it. Instead, take about a half or a third of a scoop and let the vanilla (or any other flavor you’re feeling) flavor your ice cream. You’ll be glad you did.

Mashup #3: Coffee Meets Butter

Yes, butter. We know that you just felt your arteries harden a little– ours did too. But hear us out. Butter is so rich and creamy that when the right amount (about half a teaspoon– no more than a full teaspoon) is added to a nice, hot cup of java it’s magical. The richness cuts the bitterness and adds a smooth drinkable mouth feel. 

Mashup #4: Coffee Meets Salt

Okay, so it might sound like we’re actively trying to give you a heart attack with this list, but that isn’t our intention, we promise. Salt is naturally the best flavor enhancer that exists. By adding just a touch of salt, you’re going to pull out whatever flavors already exist. If you’re feeling brave, you can add even more to explore new flavor profiles. Just be mindful of your blood pressure, got it? 

Mashup #5: Cardamom

This is a unique one, but when used in just the right proportion and situation cardamom can be the only tool for the flavorful job. Cardamom has a distinct flavor that’s sort of like a cross between mint, eucalyptus, and pepper. Adding this fragrant spice to your coffee gives it a unique depth of flavor like nothing else.

Mashup #6: Coffee Meets Honey

Not only is this a healthy way to sweeten your cup of java, but honey is also unique in what it can add to the mouth feel. By stirring some honey into a hot cup of coffee you’ll be adding a dash of rich sweetness, and you’ll also find that each sip goes down a little smoother.

Mashup #7: Coffee Meets Nutmeg

With just a hint of sweetness, and clamoring with an earthy and herbaceous flavor profile, nutmeg can make your cup of coffee absolutely pop. It adds a slightly woody and nutty flavor to your existing blend, which creates some beautiful and delicious combinations. 

Mashup #8: Coffee Meets Coconut Milk

This isn’t intended to be a substitute for milk or creamer– though it can be. Coconut milk made it on our list because it can add a sweet, rich (low-calorie) punch to your cup of coffee without overpowering what you’ve already got going on. A splash of coconut milk is a great way to tie all of your other flavors together. 

Coffee Mash Up Power Trios

As we mentioned earlier, this article was meant to inspire you to create some insane (but absolutely delicious) flavor mashups. Here are some ideas for some incredible flavor trios that are potentially unexpected, but absolutely delicious. 

  • Citrus + ice cream +salt
  • Butter + chocolate + coconut milk
  • Cardamom + honey + salt
  • Nutmeg + honey + citrus
  • Salt + anything + anything (salt is so good at tying flavor together)

And that’s just for starters. It’s all about ratio here– be mindful of how much of any ingredient you use and remember that in most cases less is more. 

Mix and match flavor trios until you find your new favorite drink.

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