Top Rated Pairings with Coffee

We all know that coffee is one of the most favorable drinks in America. It’s what any coffee lover immediately consumes when we get up in the morning and continue all throughout the day. Some people might even drink it with just about anything. But what if you knew exactly which foods to eat with coffee?

Finding the right pairing to your favorite type of coffee can intensify the flavor profile of each item. Whether you are looking for something sweet or savory, there are multiple food items that go great with a cup of joe. 



Coffee Cake

Contrary to its name, coffee cake actually does not have any coffee in it at all. It is called coffee cake because it’s supposed to be eaten with a cup of coffee. 

Coffee cake is a great morning, afternoon, or evening delight that can be devoured for breakfast or an after dinner dessert. This sweet cake can come in a variety of flavors, but tends to involve sour cream, cinnamon, brown sugar, and icing. It’s very similar to a cinnamon sugar cake, but is usually in the form of a bundt cake. 


Available in a wide range of flavors, this classic morning treat is a no brainer when deciding on what to eat with your morning cup. Coffee and donuts have been an American staple for centuries, making it an easy and affordable breakfast alternative when on the go. It’s been popular in coffee shops/bars since 1847 back in Europe which was brought over to the States during the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

As the regular glazed donut is the number one top favorite, chocolate glaze comes second. Nothing beats that sweet and sugary taste of a donut while washing it all down with a fresh brewed pot of coffee. Just like the coffee cake, when drinking coffee, the gluten is being broken down in our stomachs from the pastries, making it easier for our bodies to digest. 



Of course, there are other coffee pairings that are not just sweet. Bacon is a great savory contender which most people can’t disagree with. Bacon has become one of the most popular breakfast foods, mainly because it goes so well with coffee. 

The fat of bacon helps cut out the sweetness or bitterness of the coffee, depending on how you like it. When eaten together, the salty, savory profiles of the bacon and the caffeine from the coffee blend perfectly with each other, complimenting one another within each bite. 



Originating from Poland within Jewish communities, bagels were brought over to American as families began to migrate, settling their roots into new soil.

Whether you’re enjoying a sweet or savory bagel, it’s the bread itself that is favored to the coffee. While scarfing down a gluten filled breakfast on the go, coffee is what settles it in your stomach, providing assists when swallowing. 

Bagels come in all kinds of flavors from everything seasoning which is onion, garlic, sesame seeds, and salt baked on top to whole wheat, asiago, blueberry, cinnamon, cinnamon raisin, and more. Even cream cheese can come in multiple flavors like honey, vegetable and even  onion garlic. 


Dark Chocolate

Any chocolate is like heaven when it’s combined with coffee, especially dark chocolate. Due to the two items containing caffeine, together they give off a jolt of energy when consumed. 

They also both have bioflavonoids which are plant-based compounds good for human health. They help provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects as well as may help protect your heart, aid your body, and reduce your risk of certain diseases. 

Taste-wise, these two bittersweet, acidic flavors surprisingly balance each other out. When consumed side by side, their rich profiles seep out, revealing the best traits of each flavor. Coffee can go well with dark chocolate cake, truffles, pie or even just a square of a dark chocolate bar. 


Steamed Salmon

This may seem like a very unappetizing combination, but trust me on this one. Separately, salmon and coffee have distinct and bold flavors, but together they could help in achieving good health 

Canadian researchers may have found that eating cooked fish and black coffee together can produce far less mercury in the body. With just a few sips of coffee between every other bite, this could lower the risk of mercury holding up in your bloodstream. 

When it comes to taste, similar to dark chocolate and coffee, the acidity of salmon compliments the bitterness in coffee. These two are a surprisingly delicious pairing that can be consumed either together as a rub or glaze, or paired together with some avocado toast.