Seasonal Coffee Bundles Are Oh So Delightful!

The cold weather is sometimes called the greatest excuse of all time. Staying home and watching television all night, bundled up with your favorite cup of coffee is not a waste of time, it’s a vacation without the cost and stress of an actual vacation. 

We can skip so many things and just head home as soon as the temperature starts to drop and we use the excuse every chance we get.

It’s Cold: Bundle Up With Our Bundles

The holiday season is especially a favorite time of year for coffee drinkers for a variety of reasons. One can say that they are literally spoiled this time of year. 

Why? Before we explain, it’s important to first understand why coffee is such a passion for people. Most things that are delicious, healthy and provide an immediate benefit are usually not that good for you. However, dieters have relied on coffee, particularly K-cups, to get them through the holiday season.

A freshly roasted cup of Jojo-Java is low calorie, high in flavor and gives you that same pickup you need from your morning coffee. This gives drinkers the chance to avoid those highly sweet and highly unhealthy snacks during the holiday season and instead, bundle up with a delicious java.

Coffee Drinkers Are Spoiled By Holiday Bundles: Get Yours Sooner

While we all like to be responsible and healthy, the holidays are where we need to have a bit more adventure, especially in the food and drink department. This is where coffee drinkers are extremely spoiled and very happy. 

They enjoy a variety of options and the convenience of shopping online. Curious about what they get? Prepare to be jealous.

Big Savings

 What would a pack of 48 K-cups cost you in June? That price can be slashed where you can get 4 full boxes of JOJO Java (48 delicious pods) for only $0.91 cents each– only $43.96 total with free shipping. How can you pass up that deal on THE ULTIMATE QUATRO (48 Count Customer Selected Variety Pack)?


With the cost of almost everything going up, isn’t it nice that you can enjoy one of your best-kept secrets for the holiday season and save big on it? 

With free shipping and these convenient packs, you can have them sent to your home or directly to the office. And what a delightful thing to offer not only your team, but your customers as well with some of the seasonal flavors you love.

Explore Different Flavors

Mixing and matching coffee is like trying different flavors of ice cream without all the calories and fat. During the holidays you get the added bonus of mixing it up with some seasonal flavors. What could go better with a chilly night than a worm cup of White Chocolate Mocha?

If you’re really thinking of spoiling yourself, maybe consider a little bit of cookie in your coffee. You cannot beat the taste of Peanut Butter Cookie, but make sure that you do not stop there. 

This is your opportunity to mix and match, try new flavors or ones that are only around during this time of year. You will save big and be able to expand your variety all at once.

Easy Shopping Solution

Did you hear about how easy it is to get your favorite flavors of K-cups shipped to you? THE ULTIMATE TRIO (36 Count Customer Selected Variety Pack) is one of the favorites we offer. Good things come in threes… introducing the ultimate trio, your perfect triad of delicious java.

 You heard us, get 3 full boxes of JOJO Java (36 delicious pods) for only a measly $0.99 cents each– only $35.97 total with free shipping. And don’t think this is just a deal too good to keep secret. Why not share the wealth and also give the perfect gift, in a convenient way while also saving big? 

You cannot beat these seasonal bundles and be the best gift giver in the game at the same time. But, if you decide to be a little selfish, you can mix and match any three boxes of delicious, small-batch, fresh-roasted coffee pods right now. Treat yourself. 

You’re Good On Coffee For Months

 Did you know that K-cups last for at least one year? It’s something most people are not aware of, maybe because they go through them so quickly. Well, if you love the seasonal flavors as well as the seasonal deals, why not stock up and take an even bigger advantage of the free shipping deal? These deals will help you save and enjoy a seasonal treat throughout the entire year.


Every year, businesses establish long-lasting relationships with clients and other businesses with thoughtful gifts. While it’s difficult to know exactly what to get everyone, one of the most appreciated options is always a K-cup bundle. That’s why they are commonly marketed among consumer and business platforms. The gift of coffee during the holiday season makes a warm and thoughtful gift, something that people will remember each year. 

The convenience of being able to handle shipping for you makes it even better and with free shipping, you have the opportunity to save big, along with the bundles you select.

One More Present Left Behind The Tree?

Although it’s not quite here yet it won’t be too long before holiday bells will be ringing. Tis the season as they say. That means you probably want something else, an extra gift that just makes it even better. 

Coffee lovers love to save but they also love to have a lot. Considering how low-calorie and easy-to-make K-cups are, who can blame them? If you want to have 5 boxes in your order, you still save big and you still get free shipping. 

The bundle will go higher and the flavors will be greater. You will love the convenience of making your favorite cups of Java and you can enjoy them throughout the day. If you are interested in mixing things up, you may want to try the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Pods. 

It’s unique but the refreshing flavor goes great for a morning wake-up helper, especially on those cold mornings. Don’t skip out on these great bundle deals and share the holiday spirit with friends and colleagues. It’s the perfect gift and one you can also use to treat yourself. 

Get your JOJO Java bundles here.