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Fall Coffee Hacks (Pumpkin Fails?!)

  • person Timothy Kearney
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Fall Coffee Hacks (Pumpkin Fails?!)

Listen, we want to start off by saying, fall is here! We have officially entered September. That means a few things: 

    • Breaking out the fall decor
    • Changing the wardrobe a bit
  • Drinking fall coffee drinks
  • Beyond the Undisputed Pumpkin Spice Latte 

    Okay, so let’s just start by getting this out of the way– we understand that in most people’s minds the pumpkin spice latte is the undisputed king of fall drinks. We don’t disagree at all

    But just like you wouldn’t eat the same thing for dinner every night, you’ll also inevitably hit a point where you’re just not in the mood for a classic PSL. Yes, that’s right, even pumpkin spice can fail you at times.

    Don’t sweat it– we’ve got you 100% covered. Here are some fall coffee hacks that you can use to add some variety to your java and jump into autumn full swing. 

    Starring JOJO Java

    You can use these hacks with any coffee, but we designed them to be used with our delicious blends of JOJO Java. Feel free to mix and match any flavor combination you’d like. 

    #1 Don’t Pass on the Goodness of Apples

    Pumpkin gets a lot of the fall credit, but in the wake of that, a lot of folks just plain forget apples. This unique flavor profile is going to rock your world.

    Okay, so for this hack, you’re going to make yourself a little mixture that you can use throughout the week. 

    You’re going to take a saucepan, and then add a splash of apple cider, some milk, and a dash of cinnamon. (If you’re feeling like you want to splurge put some caramel in there). Let the mixture get warm– and even bubble a little– but not boil. 

    Drop some into your fresh cup of coffee and store the rest in a small container like a ball jar, reheating as needed.

    #2 Nutmeg is a Game-Changer

    Some might not realize it, but the “spice” in a pumpkin spice latte almost always includes nutmeg. It’s one of those fall spices that isn’t too overbearing but can add the perfect pinch of richness and flavor depth. 

    Dash a little into your cup and stir and you’ll be tasting the gingerbread-style flavor notes that will make you feel warm and cozy inside.

    If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can find fresh nutmeg seeds to lightly grate into your cup for the freshest, richest nutmeg flavor possible.

    #3 Time to Go Full Blown Canuck

    Yes, we’re going to take a cue from all of our wonderful Canadian friends out there and use some good old-fashioned maple syrup in place of sugar.

    Maple syrup is most often a little more liquidy than syrupy, so when you pour it into your fresh, hot coffee and stir it can seamlessly become part of the drink. Add a splash of milk or creamer to pull it all together and you’ll be stunned at how delicious your coffee can taste.

    For autumn in a cup, maple syrup can be the perfect answer– it’ll be like your coffee is giving your tongue a big, warm hug.

    JOJO Java Has it All for Fall

    Whether you’re going to use one of these fall hacks or enjoy some of our blends just as they come straight out of the pod, JOJO Java will deliver the ultimate flavor. 

    Since our coffee pods are roasted, packed, and shipped in small batches, you’re going to get the freshest, most delicious K-Cup coffee from JOJO Java. For many companies, their coffee was brewed in the spring by the time you drink it in the fall– not JOJO Java.

    Start fall off right with some fresh, delicious coffee here.