Do K Cups Expire? The Answer May Surprise You…

It’s no secret that most of us drink coffee for that sweet hit of caffeine to keep us going throughout the day. 

But caffeine aside, we also want each and every cup to taste absolutely delicious. K-Cups make it easier than ever to have a fresh, hot cup of coffee on demand, in virtually any flavor.

But how long do those tasty little coffee pods last before they expire? The answer might surprise you.

When Do K-Cups Expire?

The short answer is that they don’t. A Keurig K-Cup (or any other kind) will never technically expire. There is a date printed on each cup, but if you take a closer look it’s not an expiration’s a “best by” date. This is the date recommended by the roaster for maximum freshness. 

Remember that hot chocolate you bought last winter? It’s still drinkable, it just might not be as creamy and delicious when you fish it out of the pantry this winter. 

Any K-Cups used after their best by date are safe to drink, but the flavor and aroma get weaker (and possibly even stale or acidic) as time passes. 

So unless you’re hard up, it’s probably not worth the time and calories to drink a cup that’s past the best by date.

K Cups Never Expire? How Is That Possible?

So if they don't technically expire, how long do K-Cups last? Unlike coffee beans or ground coffee which are typically packed for much shorter shelf life, K-Cups are sealed into those wonderful little pods with nitrogen. 

Since they aren’t exposed to air, they’ll remain safe from expiring for as long as they stay sealed. (The whole process is more scientific than you might think.)

One thing to keep in mind beyond the date printed on the cup, even though there’s technically no expiry date, the cups go bad if the seal is broken. If that occurs, the vacuum-sealed nitrogen escapes and air can get in, which means that moisture and mold are likely to follow. 

Be on the safe side, and never drink a K-Cup with a broken seal, it’s not worth the risk. 

Do K-Cups Get Stale?

Sadly, yes– K-Cups do get stale. In fact, we have some bad news for you. Did you know that most of the K-Cups that you’ll buy in a store were processed in huge batches, and will likely sit in a warehouse for a long time before they even get to the store you’ll buy them from?

It’s true. So for most K-Cups, they’re already stale before you even buy them. It’s sort of a bummer isn’t it?

Well it doesn’t have to be. 

Did you know that JOJO Java is roasted and packaged in small batches to guarantee their freshness? It’s true. And because we make our K-Cups fresh and frequently, you’re guaranteed a delicious, flavorful cup of coffee everytime you brew with JOJO Java.

Best Way to Store K-Cups for Freshness

Even if you do buy some fresh, delicious JOJO Java, here are some ways that you can store your pods for the ultimate level of freshness. 

In fact, it’s actually pretty simple to store K-Cups in a way that guarantees freshness. The trinity is a place that’s 1) cool, 2) dry, and 3) not in direct sunlight. Many folks have a basket or K-Cup holder near their coffee maker for quick access.

If that’s you, try to be mindful of any direct sunlight that might come through the window during the day as the sun changes positions (your K-cups could be spending an hour or two in the sun each day if you’re not careful). 

Some prefer to store K-Cups in a pantry or cupboard, which is great as well. Just remember: if stored properly, you’re K-Cups will stay fresh for a long time.

Get Your Fresh Batch of JOJO Java Today

Friends, you don’t have to endure the watery mediocrity that comes from so many sub-par K-Cups on the market. It’s time to treat yourself to something delicious in every cup with an order of JOJO Java.

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Until next time, may your coffee be hot and delicious.