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Dieting Secret: Replace Sweets With Dessert K-cups

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Dieting Secret: Replace Sweets With Dessert K-cups

This is the year, it didn’t start out the way you expected, but you finally did it. Every year, for as long as you can think back, you promised yourself and made resolutions that this would be the year you stick to that diet and get on a healthier track. You didn’t stick to it exactly as planned but you’ve made the effort, you’ve stayed committed and you’ve seen solid improvement.

You should be proud of yourself, however, that magical season is getting closer. You can already start to see it, whether it’s the leaves changing, the air getting cooler or maybe even pumpkin spice something being added to the mix. While this is a wonderful time, for many, it’s also a stressful time and the top way we handle stress is through eating.


Why Is It So Difficult To Diet During The Holidays?

Yes, it is difficult to commit to a healthier diet plan and add exercise to the mix. But, somehow you’ve done it and stuck with it. You are proud of your progress but you also know there are plenty of things you can do to improve your efforts even more. However, the holiday season means the season of free food. Imagine, you are trying to eat healthily and you go to work and there are free donuts or bagels available. You go to lunch and someone offers to buy for the entire office to say thanks for a great year. You head home and get ready for the Christmas party which will have amazing food.


That’s just one Friday in December. The truth is that the easiest way to send someone a present and not have to seem cold by making it a gift card, even though gift cards are always appreciated and sometimes more so, is to send someone food. Sending an office a gift card doesn't work, but sending them a gift basket is a great idea, especially if that gift basket is full of delicious food. It’s not just at work, for many, it’s seeing friends and family more, spending Sundays inside because of cold weather and football, and enjoying treats and beverages you only get to enjoy this time of year.


How Moderation Helps


Our mind is already preprogrammed to give us an excuse for what we are allowed to consume during the holiday season. Think about that for a moment. When you are at the grocery store and you grab the low-fat milk and you see the eggnog, do you grab the low-fat eggnog as well? Giving in is so common, but what is not common is that we are looking for ways to limit ourselves. That’s where true health comes from, moderation. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, too much is not a good thing.


Moderation teaches us that if we can give ourselves a bit of something we enjoy, we will appreciate it more and also live a healthier balance. If we can grab the low-fat eggnog or have less of the regular, if we can cut down the size of your aunt's secret pumpkin pie, and instead have it for dessert over two nights, we can still maintain our health and enjoy the holiday season.


How K-Cups Are Helping Dieters

As is the norm with most things in life, coffee drinkers have the right idea. Instead of focusing on adding sweets filled with fat and sugar throughout the day, the K-cup was invented. Imagine you went for a walk at lunch instead of out to eat with everyone else at work. You are committed to staying healthy but it’s 3 pm and the weather stinks outside, which for some reason makes us want to eat even more. This is the time when that healthy granola bar is a perfect solution with a piece of fruit. But is that going to get you through the rest of the day?


You need a spark and not one that granola and apples can fix and the best part is, this can also be your treat of the day, well actually the hour because it doesn’t give you any fat, sugar or even calories that you have to consider. K-cups are the answer to coffee lovers' questions about how to get an easy, delicious, affordable, immediate and healthy cup of coffee. As you can see, coffee lovers demand a lot and that means each cup has to deliver.

 JOJO Java: The Dieting Hack for Dessert Lovers

The one common denominator most health gurus and experts share is that morning cup of something that gets them going or that warm beverage that helps them stay focused in the later afternoon. Maybe they all are not drinking a Peanut Butter Cookie Flavor K-cup, but that’s probably only because they are drinking the White Chocolate Mocha instead. 

Those are just two of our favorites, but that’s the other amazing thing about these options, you can have your mix as well. You can reward yourself throughout the day without adding sweeteners and calories to your diet.

A thin slice of pie with a delicious cup of White Chocolate Mocha will be the perfect reward for that walk you took today. Reward yourself daily, with moderation and a little creativity.

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