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Celebrate International Coffee Day: Learn About International Coffee

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Celebrate International Coffee Day: Learn About International Coffee

Coffee is life to some people and based on the sales each year, that number seems to be growing. Most people love coffee, some people drink it for the caffeine boost, and some can’t get enough of it. Wherever you are on the spectrum, if you want to enhance your coffee experience, you need to do so with an international trial. (A bit of a taste test if you will.)

And remember: while there is a specific, single International Coffee Day, it’s really more of a mindset. Enjoy these flavors all year round.

Travel Cheap: Do an International Coffee Taste Test

Traveling is expensive. However, in a strange way you can learn more about a land and its heritage by enjoying the things from there that help make it unique, especially their food and beverages.

Wine, coffee, bread, even meats all taste different depending on where you are. How many times have you selected a specific place to eat because of the type of food it is rather than what they serve? It’s how we get people to commit to ordering dinner or going somewhere. We don’t say, do you want lo mein or spaghetti, we ask if you want Chinese or Italian.

What Makes Coffee Different

Coffee is one of the foods that is internationally appreciated and used. However, what people are starting to learn more of each day, is that the origins of the coffee may mean more than how it is made or processed.

Things can be made to taste a certain way. However, you cannot forget that the first and most influential aspect of something’s taste is where it’s from. If you want to try a coffee bean from South America versus one from South Africa, you are going to notice a difference.

Top Countries and Coffees to Try Out

Since all coffee is made and tastes differently, it’s safe to say you should find your favorite and stick to it.

However, as coffee drinkers the one thing we never are is content. We are never satisfied with just one and even if we only drink a single cup a day, before today’s is done, we are already thinking about tomorrow.

This beverage is the most wanted and purchased beverage each day as people will wait for nearly an hour or longer in places they feel have the best coffee around. If it’s that important, the next thing you should want to know is what countries produce the highest quality?

While this is very subjective, the next time you are looking at labels and bags, consider trying something from one of these lands:

Coffee from Colombia

Even the most skeptical coffee drinkers know that if it’s from Colombia, there’s a safe bet the quality is solid. As one of the leading produces of the drink, this country sees their beans shipped throughout the world and appreciated in all forms whether it is DIY brewing or purchased by companies who sell their own.

Coffee from Brazil

If you were asked which country produces the most coffee in the world, very few people would guess that it’s Brazil. However, that’s actually the case as this country supplies their beans to vendors all around the world as well as plenty that are local. Since the 1800’s, this South American country has distributed their beans and maintained the highest levels of quality possible.

Coffee from Kenya

Think your morning cup needs a little more sweetness to it? You can add sugar or you can purchase beans from Kenya. Yes, this country delivers a delicious beverage as it’s beans are grown directly under some of the hottest temperatures seen on the planet. That direct sunlight gives the beans a unique taste, almost sweeter than the average blend which is growing more and more popular, especially for those interest in organic options without adding sweeteners.

Coffee from Ethiopia

Of course, the country where the plant originated is well known for selling different types of coffee. In fact, because of it’s ability to have diversity in their beans, Ethiopia is able to sell both a washed option that is lighter and more unique or a naturally processed option that is thicker, sweeter and also has a lot more punch.

Coffee from Indonesia

A bean so deep and strong, it rivals chocolate can only be produced in a country as vibrant and unique as Indonesia. One of the top five producers in the world, Indonesia is known among coffee lovers as the country where flavor comes from.

International Coffee is Your Ticket Around the World

In a way, one can argue that by drinking and eating drinks and foods directly from other countries, you are able to explore the very fibers of what make these places unique. For example, Cuban coffee is considered one of the most powerful in the world.

It is now sold in hundreds of countries and thousands of businesses benefit from the style and name. However, in order to get true flavor and heritage, you have to get coffee beans directly from one of these countries.

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