A Witches Debate: K-Cups or Cauldrons For Morning Coffee?

It’s almost Halloween, all you Java Witches. 

Witches know where to shop. They’ve had plenty of practice and when your recipes call for things like toes and eyes, you need to not only know where to go for a great selection but low prices as well. As we get ready for Halloween, we sometimes forget what this time of year is really about, honoring all the insane hocus pocus and crazy wizardry this time of year brings us. 

Witches, K-Cups and Coffee Cauldrons

You can learn a lot about witches and the magic they create in their kitchens has turned entire towns upside down, literally. So, what do the masters of spells and potions have to say about their preference for how they get their morning cup of coffee? We asked a panel of some of the most experienced enchantresses available and they gave their opinions on which way they prefer their coffee in the morning, K-cups or cauldrons. 

Easiest To Make 

When it comes to making coffee, nothing beats the simplicity of setting up a K-cup and because it works so quickly, you do not have to worry about setting timers to make sure you do not lose out on time. The process is extremely simple and fast, perfect for those of us who might be a bit hungover from all the candy we’ve been eating. 

Easiest To Clean

Anyone who has ever had to clean a coffee machine, especially for an office, takes the cleaning aspects of making their morning java very seriously. Consider this, if witches fly around on brooms all day but their houses are always full of dust, do you think they have time to clean? Of course not, which is why they prefer the easy cleaning options that come with K-cups. 

Best For Health 

Black is slimming but you always want to look your best when you are flying around town on a broomstick. This is why 9 out of 10 witches prefer K-cups, not just because of their amazing taste, but because they have far fewer calories than your common morning options, especially the ones loaded with creamers and sugars. If you rely on your coffee throughout the day but you want to watch your weight, make sure you keep that in mind and avoid any gingerbread houses as well. 

Scary Good Coffee Deals 

One secret our panel of witches were happy to share, especially after turning many of our team members into toads, was that they love to shop for coffee this time of year. Why? This is the time when you get not only the best flavors of the year, but also the best deals. 

When you select a coffee you want to drink, you want all treats, no tricks and that includes on the price. 

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